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The book digital introducer is a 60 to 200 seconds animation that helps publishers, Authors, sellers and online services to introduce their books to readers of the book in short but very impressive and comprehensive way. Cotion introduces content of the book in its headings and increases reader's awareness of the benefits, study guides, and age of the target audience. It can also be a biography of author or translator of a book or introducing a brand of publisher .

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Five Reasons to Choose Book digital introducer by Publishers, Authors, Translators and Book Sellers:

Five reasons that specify the Cotion’s Solution (Book Digital Introducer):

  • 1- Using the motion graphic tool as the most effective way of transmitting messages
  • 2- Using the message architecture expertise with the content writing team
  • 3- Using the information engineers' knowledge with the website’s founders
  • 4- Using process engineering and thus decreasing production costs
  • 5- Support and Response (24 x 7)